The New Initiative. After much prayer and Godly direction we started 4:13 Outdoors originally to help special needs kids and disabled veterans. Through our first year and a half we learned that everyone has their own struggles they face in life and at times its hard to find where or how you fit in because everyone’s struggle is different. SO in 2019 we are focusing on refining our mission. That is true inclusion and advocacy for people who need a voice. People who are often overlooked or forgotten about. True inclusion does not only apply to disabilities or extracurricular activities, but all that life encompasses. Starting at home with mods and medical needs, and going out into the community with, public areas businesses, churches, schools etc… We will advocate for that inclusion by being a part of the process by first raising awareness to the problems, next brainstorming for a solution that will accommodate everyone, and then helping to seek, apply, and provide resources to fix the problems. As Christians we are called to love God and love one another. We can do this by serving God by serving others unselfishly to make the world a better, more inviting, more accepting, more inclusive place.

This organization encourages individuals in the outdoors by teaching people to put God first and you can and will achieve unreachable goals. We promote inclusion in the outdoors by taking people of all abilities hunting, fishing and camping or other outdoor activities. We advocate for new laws and resources for special needs or abilities to be able to access management areas and public hunting grounds along with hunting outfits across the country. We encourage folks who may have disabilities, struggles or a desire to be included with our favorite scripture as stated in the book of Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me". Click here to read more.